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GE's GateCycle™ software is a commercially available, fully flexible heat and mass balance program for Microsoft Windows™. GateCycle is used to model the steady state design and off-design performance of thermal power plants. GateCycle provides a palette of common power plant equipment icons that can be used to construct detailed models of fossil, combined cycle, simple cycle and nuclear power plants. The addition of salt water properties in version 5.51 allows GateCycle to model desalination plants as well. GateCycle models may be used to perform detailed engineering design, performance monitoring, repowering and retrofit, and acceptance test calculations. GateCycle also provides a user configurable optimizer and an Excel™ based interface called CycleLink. A screen capture of a GateCycle flowsheet diagram for a twin Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler plant is shown below:

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